The Beauty of Little Things

I’ve never been one to have only one goal at a time. Most times I have so much in mind that I wanna do, and that I know I can do, but somewhow I don’t know where to start and it all just gets mixed up in my head to the point where I don’t get anything done at all. But one thing I have been consistent with is my hobby of making things, most usually beaded jewelry.

 I have always been into this craft since I was in elementary school. I would always find joy in finding beads around the house that were from old jewelry that had broken down and had been forgotten, especially ones that have a very unique form and color, something I find out of the ordinary. One more thing that fascinates me are geometric shapes like, for example, polyhedrons. I first encountered them in college when we were studying form development. I enjoyed it very much, I even made lamps, christmas decorations, and a small one as a gift. 

I don’t always make them nowadays, but when I do I delight in the very little details that make them fascinating and interesting.  These things bring a kind of pleasure that makes me feel happy, grateful and somewhat accomplished knowing that where ever path in life I slip in to and no matter how long it has been, I am still able to make these little things. 


Okay. I take too long..

So. I have been out for quite a long while now. Its not good, I know. But work pretty much consumes my daily life. And not having work right next to your home pretty much adds to the time consumed/wasted and when you get home you’d be as tired as the time you woke up in the morning.  

But hey, theres still the weekends so no excuse is valid(not unless its something really serious). 

The past few days i have been trying to work on making more time for creating things. I have set out plans on what steps I ought to take one after another and hopefully I follow through with everything. 

Right now I am on to making a ‘sort of’ collection and as you see below. My table is filled. 

I have so much fun when I am in front my work table just creating things I love.  

In a week’s time I hope to finish up on my collection and eventually sell them. Thinking if I should aim for bazaars or sell online. I wonder..

The Little Things

Today has been a very tiring day for me. Though I find joy in my work, it can be really draining at the end of the day. 

Since this happens mostly everyday, I have lost time that I usually put into the little fun things I used to do. But starting today, I will be putting in more effort to make time for my hobbies like watercolor painting. 

Last night I did a little something with my prang watercolor. I split it in two and fixed it into a small container that can be put away and carried elsewhere so easily. 

Here is what it looks like up close (don’t mind the freaky face. Hehe!) And there’s even space on the sides for small brushes! But yeah, I had a lot of fun doing it and more fun after looking at the end result!

When the Cat is Out…

Eyyy! Been a while since I been posting things. But here I am!

Its been crazy since I got myself a job. I haven’t done much of the things I used to do at home but(!) I am doing my best to get used to my 8-5 work and try to alot time for my hobbies and musings. Since I started work all I have done when I get home is make dinner and relax. 

Although I am pretty much happy with my job, I still want to be able to do other things that I, used to and always have, loved to do. 

But anyway, at least I still get to draw!


Watercolor fun


I have been doing watercolor ever since I was younger. Although I didn’t do it everyday I loved it everytime I was doing it. Whenever I start to draw something I become engulfed in it and I don’t stop until I think its done. Though I love doing it, flowers seem to be the only category I’m good at.(awkward laugh)

But hey, theres always room for improvement! And flowers won’t be the only thing I can do(given more time doing it).

I’m gonna go practice some more now…

Silly me…


This is what you get when you’re trying to experiment on things you haven’t much knowledge about. *sigh

Although I must say it tasted quite nice.  Making ‘cafe au lait’. I used my coffee maker. I was all excited at first, but then after A while I noticed, nothing is coming out!, and I opened the chamber where you put the grounds in and there it was! All the creamy goodness stuck in the filter. 

Silly me. 

So I used the finest sifter I could find in my kitchen just to get my coffee goodness out of the filter. 


Note to self:

1. Never conduct experiment without knowing more about materials used. 

2. Always have camera near. Just to capture sillyness and share to the world. (I do the craziest, sometimes amazing, things in the kitchen)